Welcome to the Towerverse

Inspired by many successful tower defense games we wanted to finally get some good tower defense to the BSC-blockchain. This project aims to be the first community driven tower defense metaverse.

Tower Defense Metaverse

Best Tower Defense Game on the MetaVerse

Our team is working with one of the most successful game developers at the moment to deliver an addictive game that will continuously grow and get extended with new content. Our plan is to have regular votes and voice-chat meetings to decide on which new features will be added to the game. Holders are encouraged to participate in the development of the game and can bring their own ideas to the table as well!


Trade and collect NFTs and get ingame bonuses and special abilities based on your NFT collection


Beat challenges and earn weekly rewards for playing


Battle it out with other players and see who can survive the longest in an endless wave mode

Stake your NFTs


To keep people interested and holding, staking and NFTs will be implemented from the start. This allows our holders to earn passive income on their investment without the need to sell a single token.

Web3 Integration

A Web3 Masterpiece

A true crypto gaming project needs a feature to implement web 3.0 into the game itself. This is why our team is working on a play-to-earn feature to make playing our game even more attractive. It is also a first step for many more advanced features to be added, like specialized hero NFTs for ingame-bonuses. Our project is truly a Web3 Masterpiece unlike any other.

About Us

Our Team

Starting off from WitcherVerse, a lot of changes have been made within our team structure. New people joined and some left, meaning new inputs and a reignited team spirit! A team of experienced game devs (previously worked on vainglory and fantasyarena) is currently working on TowerVerse with us and we added a new experienced marketing member with lots of connections to big gaming and advertising companies. Relations to communities and people with a lot of reach are the most important factor when working on a project. With these new specialists on board, new standards will be set in terms of marketing and exposure.


Total supply 

Buy tax 8 %
-Marketing/dev 4 %
-Game development 2 %
-Liquidity 2 %

Sell tax 12 %
-Marketing/dev 5 %
-Game development 2 %
-Liquidity 3 %
-Buyback 2 %

Future plans

TowerVerse Roadmap

Our roadmap is ambitious but we have a strong team and strong fundamental knowledge to make this project a game-changer. With the help of a strong community and their diverse ideas, this game will be one of a kind. 


– Big pre-launch marketing campaign (TG-Channels, Twitter, Discord, AMAs, Youtube, Instagram etc.)

– Pre-launch trailer including gameplay mechanics and a first impression of the game (vainglory/fantasy arena developers)

– Pre-sale on DxSale

– Launch on pancakeswap

-Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing

– Android release

– In the first week of launch: staking DApp, NFT-marketplace with our unique NFTs and day 1 game release with 10 playable maps, heroes and world map release

– Development of a second world map begins with a unique theme and special playable maps


– Release of the second and third world with 20 more maps, new enemies and new heroes

– Big gaming partnership

– IOs port release

– First exchange listing

– New sponsorships


– Release of the fourth and fifth world with the final boss

– Second exchange listing

– New crossover heroes

– Metaverse inclusion

– Alpha PvP version


– Release of the beta version and after that the final version of PvP mode

– New heroes and new special attacks

– New partnerships

– ETH and CRO bridge

Subject to change depending on development progress and external conditions

Level Based Gaming Release

Alpha Release

First look at the game with basic mechanics implemented

Beta Release

Second world map and advanced feature integration, more heroes and content

Final Release

Full NFT integration added, presentation first plans for new 3D tower defense game